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A Dedication To Innovation

Why Choose Us

There are many safety engineering companies to choose from, and we realize that today’s industrial safety has many options. That’s exactly why we separate ourselves from the competition in every way we can.

If one factor had to be chosen above all others, perhaps our drive is what makes us most different. We make every effort to do whatever it takes to make your establishment one of the safest.

We have put forth such an effort in that respect that word of mouth is now helping us grow rapidly; repeat business and referrals from our clients’ accounts for approximately 80% of our yearly transactions (And we are always seeking new clients at the same time).

TRINUS has the resources and capabilities to start the services immediately and is ready to sign confidential agreements and commitments as required.


To support the prevention and reduction of the occurrence of workplace accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.

Our Values

We demonstrate Integrity, tell the Truth, respect Individual, promote Teamwork & We Listen.

Who We Are

A group of dynamic Professional Engineers, who share a common vision of making Ontario a safer place.

Our Vision

To offer cost-effective, timely, efficient and high quality collaborative support and services that respect both employers and employees, in order to achieve the common business goals of injury prevention.

TRINUS Engineering Inc. provides professional engineering services under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, including Pre-Start Health and Safety Review for newly installed or modified equipment at your facility.

Section 7 of Regulation 851, R.R.O. 1990 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that a machine or piece of equipment that is operating in a factory or industrial establishment must be reviewed by a Professional Engineer to ensure compliance with applicable standards including:

  • Canadian Standards (CSA)
  • U.S. OSHA (ANSI)
  • European Standards (CE)
  • Ontario Electrical Safety Code

The review is to ensure that the design requirements for electrical, mechanical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic systems, covering lockouts, ergonomics, and machine controls are met. The purpose of the review is to identify and eliminate hazards by design and control using proper safety devices.

Following the review a letter of confirmation is provided to your company to confirm compliance with Ontario Acts, regulations, and guidelines as required by the following authorities:

  • Ministry of Labor.
  • Ontario Electrical Safety Authority.
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA).
  • Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO).