Safety Guarding, Upgrades & Metal Fabrication


TRINUS Custom Step-By-Step Safeguarding System

We custom design, manufacture and assemble as well as install and commission our unique and exceptionally flexible safeguarding system as a turn-key-project including all safety approvals as per all applicable safety standards, regulation and codes.

Trinus Safeguarding System offers a wide range of machine and robotic perimeter guarding options for creating physical enclosures, guards, and barriers to protect workers.

Layout & Dimensions


In order to simplify planning and assembly, system width B is always given as the distance from the middle of one support to the middle of thenext support. Protective frames can be made to order in widths from 250mm up to 2500mm.


Overall height (H) and the frame height (HR) are different. H & HR can be specified based on Safety analysis; Pre-Start Health & Safety review results as well as customer requirements. Trinus will provide proposed layout options.


Guarding Components

1. Aluminum frames can hold solid panels, Plexi-glass or wire mesh.
2. Attach frames to support posts using panel mounting brackets.
3. Allow fast removal and placement of perimeter guarding.
4. Single swing door, double swing door or sliding door(s) can easily be integrated.
5. Three styles are available: Undivided, Vertically Divided, and Horizontally Divided.
6. Approved to withstand robotic operational forces.
7. Flexible guarding, easily re-arranged to suite other guarding applications.
8. Very flexible safety switch mounting brackets fits commercially available safety switches.
9. Free of sharp edges.
10. Allows easy access to structures or machinery; simply loosen the locking screw on each bracket and lift off.